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Wasted Audi....::SIGH:: UPDATED!!

Hello all!
I had a couple of e-mail and IM (instant messages, AOL) from many people
asking me about the date.  

Well,...Turns out that the car was bought from an old retired doctor and only
had 75,000 miles on it.  The interior was MINT!  It dawned on me that this was
the same car that I was going to buy, but she was the one that beat me to it. 

It was late at night and I asked her if I can drive her car a bit.  I finally
got a chance to drive the car, and WOW!  I took the corners slow and accel
out. I can't believe that it has this much power.  I can't even feel the turbo
lag!  I'm in LOVE!!  The car even had the same problem with my car with the
VDO screen displaying lines.  I quickly showed her the "Knock Knock" approach
to the problem...=)

This was the night I won't forget!  As for the date....it was ok,.....dinner,
movies, making out....and then her place and well......yea......and then
finally driving her car.  I don't think she will go out with me again, cuz I
think I scared her pretty bad.  

Jason C
Audi 200t10v
Redmond WA
------going to bank with a gun to *borrow* some money for a 99' S4-------