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Re: Wasted Audi....::SIGH:: UPDATED!!

Must be a generational thing, Jason.  I mean, if I "...then her place and
well......yea..." on a first date I sure as h*ll would have to be fairly
impressed with her,and in that case (as much as I like my q's) who the h*ll cares
about the car?!!  It's just an after "dinner" mint!  While both the right woman
and the right car can both put a smile on your face, they cannot compare...

Showing my age and upbringing, I guess....

'83 Ur-q (single entry, U.S. VIN)
'85 Ur-q (LHD UK w/ Sport Q interior; 50 state legal)

> This was the night I won't forget!  As for the date....it was ok,.....dinner,
> movies, making out....and then her place and well......yea......and then
> finally driving her car.  I don't think she will go out with me again, cuz I
> think I scared her pretty bad.
> Jason C
> Audi 200t10v
> Redmond WA
> ------going to bank with a gun to *borrow* some money for a 99' S4-------