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Re: Purging Dexron-II from Pentosin Hydraulics

>     Doug, the clutch/brake hydraulic system is completely separate from the
> Pentosin-filled hydraulic power assist system. The clutch hydraulics work on
> brake fluid fed from the brake master cylinder reservoir. The failure of the
> steering/hydraulic pump will have no effect on the clutch. It will, however,
> eliminate power assist from the braking system.

I located my lost Bentleys and have corrected my ignorance!


>     If your clutch master cylinder leaks, you will have brake fluid on your
> shoes. If you have Pentosin on your shoes, check out the steering rack.

Aahh... I thought I'd seen something about that here in the past, Pentosin
on the shoes... really, the pictures in the Bentley tell all!

But thanks, Fred!
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