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Re: 88 90q IP done + autochk says HOT ! !

Blau latest specials mailing has...

Japan pumps for 36.95
Italian pumps for 49.95
German pumps for 59.95


no affiliation, blah, blah....hell, I can get everyting cheaper up here....

Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
IBO # 823967

>About the water pumps.  There was some discussion recently regarding water
>pump quality.  I seem to recall the thread went something like-Avoid any
>knockoffs and noname rebuilds like the plague, Italian and one type of
>(GBsomething?) are O.K., and another type of German made is the best
>Sorry I didn't have the brands on those, I took a different tactic, as
>Jim Accordino