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RE: Auto trans cooler blown

My trans cooler blew in my 84 Audi 5000 Turbo in January.  It was
filling the cooling system with trans fluid and was over flowing red out
the radiator cap.  The trans fluid floats on top of the water and will
try accumulate in the reservoir tank.  So I purchased a cooler from the
dealer and installed it and flushed the system the best I could.  I also
changed the trans fluid and screen. (I used Mobil synthetic) Then
everyday after I drove the car I took a garden hose and flushed the
reservoir so that it would overflow with any floating trans fluid
remnants and wiped the inside the best I could. After a couple of days I
changed the trans fluid again.  In another week I changed the trans
fluid again and there was no more milky substance in the bottom of the
pan.  The trans and the cooling system has been working great since.  I
will probably overkill it and change the trans fluid and coolant again
the first warm spring day we get.
Good luck,
Rene Curry
Grosse Ile (Detroit) MI
84 5k turbo, charcoal, Borbitt 5 lug wheels  

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>Hi All,
>I posted to the list a while back about selling my 87 5KCST auto as a
>parts/project car, as I thought the tranny/differential was gone. Well, I
>discovered today that the ATF I thought was dissapearing into the diff was
>instead going into the coolant supply, I guess throught a leaking
>transmission cooler. The coolant level in the overflow tank keeps rising and
>getting redder. I didn't notice it right away as my coolant is that red
>non-phosphate stuff.
>Anyway, has anybody here have a successful BTDT on this one??