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Re: Auto trans cooler blown

I've never had this problem but it is very easy to remove and replace. 
Remove the two coolant hoses and then remove the two 17mm banjo bolts on
the back.  

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On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 16:20:41 -0500 Steve Brehm <sbrehm@sover.net> writes:
>Hi All,
>I posted to the list a while back about selling my 87 5KCST auto as a 
>parts/project car, as I thought the tranny/differential was gone. 
>Well, I discovered today that the ATF I thought was dissapearing into 
>the diff was instead going into the coolant supply, I guess throught a 
>leaking transmission cooler. The coolant level in the overflow tank 
>keeps rising and getting redder. I didn't notice it right away as my 
>coolant is that red non-phosphate stuff.
>Anyway, has anybody here have a successful BTDT on this one??

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