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Totalled 91 200q Avant: was $10,300, now $11,400

I've received lots of great advice from listmembers and believe I have
thanked each individually, but I'd like to publicly thank all again for
everything.  Your help and advice has been very much appreciated and

I followed one piece of advice and asked for a copy of their documents which
determine the value they came up with, which I received yesterday.  I
haven't even gone through them in detail yet and recd a voice mail from the
ins co today.  When I returned the call, I was told that the total loss
agent has authorized a settlement amount of $11,400, so it seems they are
starting to want to resolve this.  Without comment on this amount I asked
about the process to further pursue a fair settlement amount and was told
that I would need to hire an independent appraiser.  This was also suggested
to me by a listmember so it did not come as a surprise.  

The revised amount is supposedly full NADA value.  Can anyone confirm this
for me?  I do not have access (as far as I know anyway) to an NADA book.
I'm still not satisfied with this amount, but it feels like serious progress
from where I'm sitting.

Also, I'm not overwhelmed by the number of appraisers available here in
Greenville.  Can anyone recommend one possibly in the Charlotte or Atlanta
area?  There is only one listed in the phone book here under Auto
Appraisers, and that number yielded a fax tone.  There are a few listed
under just "Appaisers", but they seemed to be skewed towards real estate,
antiques, and jewelry.  I thought I'd go ahead and try a couple, but
obviously I'd like to find one that will work to my benefit.  I don't need
another uninformed opinion of the value.  Depending on how closely they
appraiser wants to inspect my car, I guess they could be located anywhere in
the country, so if anyone knows of one who is especially knowledgeable in
this area, please let me know.

Again, Thank you all for you assitance and support through this.  It has
made it much easier to cope with.

Take care,

91 200q Avant
- Rest In Peace (hopefully in multiple "peaces" liberally distributed to
fellow listmembers in the near future)
87 Coupe GT
-  track monster and tire destroyer (also a pretty solid 65mph mower)