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Re: Track Event Vette (Mallet)

I believe Mallet entered their car in the One Lap a few years ago. 
Exploded the brake rotors at one of the track events.  Nascar engine, big
wheels/tires, big brakes (I guess not big enough).  Car had insane amounts
of power, hence the brake problems at the end of the long straight.


> From: Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu>
> To: Frank J. Bauer <frankbauer@thevine.net>
> Cc: Quattro List <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: Re: Track Event Vette (Mallet)
> Date: Tuesday, March 23, 1999 12:30 PM
> On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Frank J. Bauer wrote:
> > >(which is the hp BTW) with dual Carbon FIber Exhausts coming out the
> > >Anyhow, there was one there.  Never saw it run but my friend said it
> > >sounded pretty bad ass.  Company started with a B I think. 
> > callaway, perhaps?
> > frank
> 	Nope, Greg Johnson wrote me with the correct name.  Mallett.  And
> as he said,  its a Nasty little beast.   I'm familiar with Callaway and
> Ligenfelter who are probably the two biggest Corvette tuners around with
> Callaway arguably being the most experienced and producing more cars with
> Ligenfelter going after the Ultra High HP Brutish type Corvette.  The
> Mallet seems to be more of a Callaway type company but I dont really
> Very nice from what I saw.  And it was a new C5 type Corvette which is
> only Vette since the early 60's that I like.  ZR-1 has a great motor but
> would never want one.  
> 	L8R
> 		Todd