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Re: Track Event Vette (Mallet)

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Frank J. Bauer wrote:

> >(which is the hp BTW) with dual Carbon FIber Exhausts coming out the back.
> >Anyhow, there was one there.  Never saw it run but my friend said it
> >sounded pretty bad ass.  Company started with a B I think. 
> callaway, perhaps?
> frank

	Nope, Greg Johnson wrote me with the correct name.  Mallett.  And
as he said,  its a Nasty little beast.   I'm familiar with Callaway and
Ligenfelter who are probably the two biggest Corvette tuners around with
Callaway arguably being the most experienced and producing more cars with
Ligenfelter going after the Ultra High HP Brutish type Corvette.  The
Mallet seems to be more of a Callaway type company but I dont really know.
Very nice from what I saw.  And it was a new C5 type Corvette which is the
only Vette since the early 60's that I like.  ZR-1 has a great motor but I
would never want one.