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Oil Pan damage

First of all to Keith Bedard,  This list is not a place to try and
humiliate members.  The owner of the car may not have even realized she hit
something.  I had this same thing last week,  the owner hit a block of ice
and cracked the oil pan on his 97 A6q.  Second if stones will be thrown on
this list by Mr. Bedard I can provide information like the lower ball joint
pinch bolts on a 5ktq that were replaced with grade 5 8mm hardware and
fender washers with standard nuts,  if the offending driver had caused an
accident would that be AoA's fault?  Almost sounds like the pot calling the
kettle black!! So keep it civil and understand that not all of the members
of this list are as mechanically inclined as others,  they may not even
know what the oil pan is for.  Hence this list is here to help these people.

End of rant

Daniel Jones 84 4ksq 124,000 (bone stock)