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RE: Totalled 91 200Q avant, was $10,300, is now $11,400


Regarding the adjuster question you posed, one possibility is to call AAA
in North Carolina and ask them.  If you're a member, or you know somebody
who is, they should be able to give you good advice on a reputable
adjuster.  I had this experience when I lived in Texas, but was still
insured with CSAA in California.  I must say, they were incredibly helpful.
 Incidentally, though I can't speak for AAA in all states, I can tell you
that in California at least, I'd rather deal with them at claims time than
anybody else.  Years ago somebody hit my old 5000S (1980), and the
estimates easily exceeded the low book on the car.  I had to do some
negotiating, but it didn't take much to get them to come around, and pay
for the repairs.

On NADA, I went into their site and noticed that average retail is $11,400
and high retail is $13,800.  Hmm.  The Kelly Blue Book retail for a '91
200Q avant in North Carolina is only $10,620.  I think Kelly seriously
undervalues these cars, especially the avants.

- Jim