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Re: distributor rotor for '91 200q20v (3B 20vt)

In a message dated 3/24/99 02:49:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,
jnelson@cwixmail.com writes:

> Bosch part #   04 170  is available here and I have had no trouble using
>  them on chipped cars.   You simply must be careful when installing using
>  Loctite 640 and allow 4 hours to dry.   If this distributor rotor moves
>  than 5 degrees, it can cross fire and litterally break the crank shaft or
>  more likely bend a connecting rod....
>  john nelson
>  www.novatechnik.com
The correct rotor is (Bosch) PN:  1 234 332 414 R1.  Narrower tip; thus the "5
degrees" window of error is larger, less chance of damage.
Rather use the correct part than risk trashing an engine.