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Re: Max Boost/HP? 87 5kcstq

Another List Member noted this:

> > Bzzt.  Mostly right.
> Listmeister Dan has previously requested that the buzzer not be used.
> is a friendly exchange of ideas, not a contest.

        Sorry guys, I didn't mean it as a contest or in a bad way.  Sorry
for any misunderstanding guys.  I'll refrain from using that in the future
anyhow though.  Thanks for the kindly reminder.

	Todd Phenneger
	1984 4000s quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
	1987 4000cs quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!