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1990 V8 Electrical Problems

Hello Fellow Audi Enthusiasts.  I've been having problems with my 1990 V8.
Any solutions or lead you have would be appreciated
-my headlights don't work... i was driving home from work at nite and noticed
that my headlights were out.  Then it flickered and came back on.  Next day,
they just won't come on.  I thought t'was the solid state relay (#7 top
footwell relay strip).  With my brother's help, we concluded that the light
switch stalk is likely broken.  Now how do i  take the switch out.  I started
to takeout the steering wheel airbag but was afraid it might go-off.  Any
-when my engine has warmed-up, the temp needle at about 2 hairs to the left of
100 deg, and i slowly step down on the throttle to raise the rpm, there's a
point where the engine rpm will cycle up and down... sorta a sensor trying to
maintain the right idle.  This happens at about 1,400 rpm, with ac on at about
1,800 rpm.  Beyond, cycling disappears.  I think my temp gauge is giving bad
reading and the engine is running hot.  What could it be? the O2 sensor? the
TPS? or any of the black boxes (computer/control boxes)?