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Re: Vacuum Advance Datapoint

In message <00f401be77e0$6b1e9aa0$5045883e@default> "Jim Haseltine" writes:

> So I noticed on Tuesday night, by Thursday morning more than half of it was
> gone - some of it used on an empty road from Scotch Corner to York at 3am
> was too much to resist but only lasted for 35 minutes.....

Yup.  F600 JVJ is in that halcyon post-service week with new plugs,
Synta Gold and a new setup.  Just blew back from Roger's - pure

Is there _anything_ that can keep up with an MB/RR ur-quattro on a
long cross-country trip?

I recently had to carry a single female colleague over 560 miles on a
round trip.  She had initially insisted on driving herself, in her own
car - perhaps because she'd heard something about me ...

Anyway, she submitted.

On the return leg, she seemed to be at one with the ur-quattro ideal -
more performance than you really need, more handling than you really
need, better braking than you really need, and heated seats.

Really - one of you single guys _should_ have been there.

 Phil Payne
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