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RE: First wave to other Audi driver

Not all the A4 drivers are snobs.  I had a guy in a silver A4 1.8T slow down
in the passing lane to allow me to pull out in front of him.  He could
clearly see that I was approaching slow traffic in the right lane.  I pulled
out in front of him, made my pass, and he cruised by with a quick wave.  We
followed him for about 50 miles, passing traffic that couldn't maintain 65
and 70 through the curves.  Great fun.  I'm sure the other drivers didn't
think much of the "pair of Audi driving crazies" but no harm done.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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What's the deal with the A4ers anyway??  I've always waved to any Audi I
see (i have a 99 A6q) and only been snubbed by the A4 drivers and one 50
year old guy in a bigger, older S model.  I figured he was just going
through a midlife crisis or something so I cut him some slack, but the
rest??  Whatever happened to minnesota nice??  Has the A4 replaced the
BMW 3 series as the "look at me in this baby!  I'm too cool to notice
you" car??  I even had a 99 A8 wave back 2 days ago!

Wolff wrote:
> So far in the last few months I had a guy in a coupe GT wave back at me
> while I was driving the coupe and I had a guy in a 4kq wave back while I
> was driving in my 4kq. Pretty cool. The A4 people never seem to wave
> back. Maybe they don't recognize the older models.
> Wolff
> Four 8 to 13 year old Audis
> Tom Nas wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've been driving Audis for about four years now, and today I met a guy
> > a black late-model Coupe, I had my window down so I waved- and he even
> > waved back!
> >