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Re: 4kq rear muffler

I had a "custom" exhaust put on the CGT in July of '93.  It's a Dynomax
Turbo and a Glass Pack and some custom bent pipes.  Not sure of the
diameter, but its bigger than stock.  The other cat-ponent is platinum
free.  Its probably not the most elegant work and it may not be the
lightest sort of stuff you might get, but it's still solid after almost 6
years.  I started with one Turbo muffler which sounded cool, but
resonated too much.  I had them add another Turbo muffler, which was too
quiet, hence the Glass Pack.  It doesn't bump or rattle and it sounds
great.  Best of all, it provides a noticeable, if small, increase in
power.  Cost was about $250 all said and done and I have the 2nd Turbo
muffler as a spare.  Joe's Muffler on Addison in Addison, north of

Ed Kellock
Greenville, SC  USA
91 200q Avant
87 Coupe GT

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999 09:38:36 -0600 (CST) rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu (R
Justin Andrews) writes:
>Just had to throw my 2 pennies in here...
>I am a student and on a low budget so I purchased a Dynomax Turbo 
>for my 4kq $29.99 I then took it down to the muffler shop and had it 
>installed for $30.00 $
>So for a grand total of $65.00 I have a new muffler and had hangers 
>welded on
>The total of $65.00 was because I gave the guy a $5.00 tip for a job 
>This was 25,00 miles ago and the muffler is still in excellent shape
>sounds good too!
>A little louder than stock but nothing that will annoy neighbors or 
>Or is that because their's a sleave in my kitty cat?
>All right , let's not start another thread but their is a low cost
>alternative out ther that will last....
>yet again I am in Texas so I do NOT have salt to deal with...
>Rich Andrews
>> << Anyone ever heard of a muffler called Bozel (sp?). For sale from 
>>  Autowerks for $187, it seems to be the cheapest I've found, and at 
>least it 
>>  isn't an Ansa.
>>   >>
>> Two years ago I bought an Ansa system for my 85 5kt, and when the 
>> mufffler failed he replaced it with a Bosal.  Seemed to be better in 
>> material and fabrication quality, although the muffler box itself 
>didn't match
>> OEM size and shape as well as the Ansa.  So far so good on the 
>> Jim Accordino

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