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Re: 4kq rear muffler

> Anyone ever heard of a muffler called Bozel (sp?). For sale from WW
> Autowerks for $187, it seems to be the cheapest I've found, and at least
> it isn't an Ansa.

It's spelled Bosal.  I don't think it's any better than an Ansa,
but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

> Any ideas on it's quality, or other (cheaper) solutions? The hole in my
> muffler is so bad now I think small animals are going to start living in
> there...

If you want cheap that will last you for 10k+ miles, go ahead
and get the Bosal.  Anything aluminized will last longer than
the economy stuff, and of course, stainless will almost outlast
the car.  I was considering gettting the whole cat-back setup
from Blau (http://www.audiquattroparts.com) which is like stock
but with slightly thicker steel for $299, but from what listers
have said about its lack of longevity, I decided to go with a
Stebro rear section (http://infoweb.magi.com/~andypet/aq400r.htm)
and have a local shop put in a straight alumanized pipe for the
front section.  Higher performance (and noisier) than stock, and
it will last a whole lot longer.  All that for only about $150
more than the Blau cat-back.

If you can justify going with the cheaper solution, be my guest,
but I'm keeping my car long enough for the stainless muffler to
be worth it.

Todd Hutchinson
'84 4kq, starting to look like an '86