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automatic to 5 speed

>> PlyBoyDoct@aol.com
>Subject: Seattle Area Listers!
>I am wondering if someone in the Seattle Area who has good knowledge on
>"Converting" a 3spd tranny to a 5 speed.  No one from ANY shop want to tactle
>this and I really can't stand the 3 speed anymore.  Of course I would pay
>and free beer too....=)  Please E-Mail me privately, thanks!
>Jason C
>89 Audi 200t10v

Jason, my good buddy fellow Audi driver, you'll need a lot of cash and a
LOT of beer to do this conversion . . .

Along with the obvious things like a good five speed transmission, the
clutch, flywheel, the clutch master and slave cylinders and the plumbing
thereto (just finished a lease for someone, had a couple of "theretos" and
"hereinafters" left over), you also need the shift linkage which is a
blizzard of arcane part numbers, the clutch pedal and clutch pedal carrier
assembly with overcenter spring, both drive shafts (std & automatic are
different lengths), you *may* even need a crankshaft if the 89's isn't
drilled for a needle bearing, the center console, and a raft of nuts,
bolts, hoses, and multiple sundry microscopic expensive other bits.
(Including brake cylinder reservoir - clutch gets its fluid there.)

Having said that, this is not an impossible conversion if you have a
wrecked 89 turbo  but not quattro 5 speed to work from, and these tend not
to be terribly expensive. You'll need the parts car because if you try this
going to a junkyard it is an even bet as to whether you or your wallet will
expire first. If you try this by going to the dealer, I suggest you take
the national treasury of Bulgaria with you as a down payment.

How about if you fix yours right, and then trade it and maybe some cash to
your date who wanted an automatic anyway?

Best Regards,

Mike Arman