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Re: Odometer Repair Questions

I've managed to fix mine without getting the needle off. Used a soldering
iron to cut an access hole for the gear/shaft.

>This is well documented in the archives.  The needle has to come off.
>Procedure is well documented by me and others. Including likely
>failures, and tricks to minimize the mess.
>mikesoft wrote:
>> I managed to retrieve my odometer/speedometer from the
>> instrument panel and was wondering how I can go about
>> fixing the odometer which was dead when I bought the car.
>> The price quote I got for the odometer fix was $140. By all
>> means if possible I would want to try and do it myself and
>> save me the extra $$$. I managed to get everything opened
>> but I can't get the speedo needle out of the way to work
>> on the inside assembly. Does anyone know how to remove
>> the needle and two does anyone know how to get the odometer
>> fixed. I  was planning to check if there was a slipping or
>> broken gear inside. Thanks BTW the car is an 88 80Q
>> Mike
>Roland Broberg
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