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Will be BTDT for keyless

Hello all,
This is primarily for owners of '93-95 90S and possibly 100 series

I purchased the AutoLoc KY3750 (or is it KY3950?) keyless entry system
and finally got my car back from the body shop to try and figure out how
to wire in the keyless entry. I had 3 different wiring code sources, and
all three say something different. First I looked under the rear seat,
nope. Next I started looking in the trunk, passenger side well has the
vacuum pump, but the wires are all bundled so tightly together that I
feared screwing something up if I tried to splice in there.

I was also in the process of installing 50watt halogen bulbs in my back
up lights, so I started to inspect the trunk lock cylinder and it's
related wiring. My trunk lock would never turn off the alarm, so I just
always unlocked the doors to unlock the trunk. Now I know why, my trunk
lock cyclinder is screwed. I can get the key in, but can no longer even
turn it, oh well, it still functions as a button to open the trunk and
that's what's important. But I did start playing with the electrical
connection at the cylinder, actually at the "pigtail" about 6 inches
from the cylinder. Turns out that those three wires serve to lock/alarm
and unlock. By touching a wire (with a fuse in line to be safe) between
one of the two outside pins and ground, you can lock or unlock the
entire car. The center wire is ground. SUCCESS!

But I really didn't care to run wires into the trunk lid, so I followed
the wires down into the driver's side well of the trunk, and found
another connector. I could get the same results at that connector. So I
wrote down the part number off the connector and I'm going to stop at VW
today after work and see if I can get a pigtail with the male at one end
and female at the other end, that way I don't have to cut any "stock"
wires, I can just plug in the signal portion of the keyless system. Now
all I need to find is a good source of 12V power, I may have to run a
wire from the fuse box. I plan to mount the module under the rear dash
adjacent to the driver's side C pillar and run the antenna wire up the C
pillar for the best range.

This morning I was wondering what I could do with the third channel on
the remote (push both buttons at the same time) and thought of a "panic"
mode. By wiring into the trunk or hood "open" trigger, I could have it
set off the alarm. This would serve as a "panic" button much like the
system on newer cars (piece of mind for the ladies at night in a parking
lot or ramp).

As always I will document how I eventually install the system and take
plenty of pictures.  Now I just have to find the time.

BTW,  the KY3750 system is $90 plus $10 S&H from AutoLoc. It uses code
hopping and has built in relays.

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