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Red Dash

All this talk of red dash lights made me think - first they (Audi AG, most
likely because of AoA) take the headlight switch, on the A6, off the column
stalk and move it to the dash.  And, now they remove the red lights for
white ones!  What's next?  Are they going to start making Audis in Detroit,
so that they look, feel and are identical copies of everything else out

I never hear any Audi owners bitch about the red lights or headlight switch
placement just car journalist and other nonbelivers.  I have only one
request for Audi - F*#$ being PC and build the cars the way that makes the
most sense (i.e. engineering, performance, safety, etc.) and the people
that don't like them can go buy their toyota es300s, acura accords, nissan
q45s, etc.

Rant Off!

Thank You