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Re: damage K26 @1.8 w/o bypass?

> Early-'89 200q (K26, single knock, functioning throttle dashpot), running
> at 2700' elevation, a single-pass IC, externally-adjustable WG cap, and
> 1.5. I'll be chipping to 1.8 next week. I don't plan to fit a bypass for
> another month or two. Will this _damage_ the turbo? I'm not worried about
> post-shift lag. (And I certainly don't plan on slamming the throttle closed
> from 1.8 on every shift)

HMMM.  '86 5kcsq.  1.6 spring.  1.8 chip.  No bypass, no throttle dashpot.
We drove it from Seattle to Steamboat Springs and back... It's made a few
trips up Stevens pass too.  A lot of > 2700' elevation.  It seems to have
survived.  Oh, it's got 180k miles on it now.  This would tend to imply
you will be fine :)