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**HELP** 85 Coupe GT has no functioning gauges

Hello all:

I'm quite puzzled and I thought there was no better place to come to
ask questions than the pool of infinite wisdom here on the Audi list.

I have an 85 Coupe GT.  Here is the problem...

The engine temp gauge, fuel gauge, tachometer, voltmeter, oil pressure
and oil temperature gauges do not register at all.  None of them are
working.  They are all pegged left as they would be as if the engine
was off.

Also the battery idiot light is lighted on the dash continually and
will not shut off.

The car fires right up and drives absolutely perfectly as it did prior
to the gauges non functioning.

The battery is about 3-4 years old, but the car just fires right to
life, so I guess its safe to rule this out.

The alternator is only about 2 years old and I seriously doubt I'm
having any troubles here at all.  Besides, I've had an alternator go
bad on me before in this car and the symptoms were very different.  I
did have my gauges functional with only the voltmeter running low.

Could this possibly be a fuse or relay? 

I looked through the owners manual and I don't see any fuses that
would control all the vehicle's gauges.

I'm about out of places to check.

Has anyone heard of this happening or has it happened to anyone?  What
should I do? Where should I look?

Don't wanna go to the dealer unless I absolutely have to.

Thanx in advance.

85'Coupe GT (Gaugeless)
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