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Re: RE: [syncronized] Whuoweeek & ticaticaticatica -- Sounds like trouble!

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the 4kq has developed a "ticaticaticatica":
This is the valve lifters. Put heavy oil in engine, or try Slick 50-type of additive. This stuff can quiet them down. All lifters are noisy in 5-cyl Audis. You can replace them at at about $15/each, but they won't harm anything if they are ticking.


Thanks Keith - this would make sense, since I am still running my Mobil1 5w30 and the problem has only been noticable as the temps have come up to the 60's.  Time to change the oil!

Matthew Brenengen
'87 4kq; '88 QSW; '76 '02 
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