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Re: S4 buying gotchas

>A 1993 S4 _automatic_? That's interesting. There was no such option in the
>US (no S4/6 avant until 95), which is odd since automatics are the most
>popular tranny choice here. You own the only turbo quattro audi with an
>automatic I've ever heard of before the 97 A4 1.8tq automatic. Are you
>certain this was a production item/option? If so: Is the power output the

Yup, the S4 was available with auto elsewhere in the world. There was a
Thai(?) lister (his names "Ben"?) who also had the S4 with automatic. If I
recall, he said the 0-60 was somewhere around 8.x seconds.

In U.K., the S8 is only available in auto, bringing the 0-60 to somewhere
around 7-flat (vs. 5.3sec for manual).

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