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Re: S4 buying gotchas

Brett Hi,

In fact some other car manufacturers have thought about it too.
One of them was ALFA ROMEO. The GTV and the ALFA 75 were two of the ALFAs
which used this system of having the gearbox attached to the rear while the
engine was at the front. They had a special name which I do not remember.

The GTV was a few years older than the 924 and the 944.
One of the drawbacks of the ALFA system was that the elastic Ujoint of the
axle connecting the engine crankshaft to the gearbox input needed frequent
changing if your foot was heavy and your engine strong.
My brother used to own a 2.000 cc GTV for almost 10 years and I had the
chance to drive it too. Really nice looking car, exceptional handling,
stylish design, pity about the build quality.

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>The only case of Porsche/Audi tranny sharing is in the 944.  It uses a
>5000 tranny flipped around.  Kinda cool design; the tranny hangs -behind-
>the rear wheels, giving the car an excellent weight distribution.  Very
>smart and elegantly simplistic.  Who would have thought?
>On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, John Cunningham wrote:
>> The S4 tranny shifts beautifully - the shifter telepathically jumps into
the next slot
>> like it knows where you want it to go.  Now I heard one of these cars
(20v-200 or
>> S4/6) had Porsche gearboxes - anyone provide clarification, rumors,
>> Brett Dikeman wrote:
>> > style/improvements, better lighting, better tranny(the 200q20v
>> > transmission shifts like hell), etc.