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Re: Fwd: Gas Out April 30, 1999

>Maybe it wasn't a joke.  Either that, or CNN fell for it as

The details of the article:

"Jill Paterson pumps gas into her truck at a Union 76 gas
station in Hawthorne, California"
"'It angers me,' added Robert Sumber, 39, who was filling up
a car Thursday instead of his gas-guzzling pickup truck."

Gosh, they can't drive their TRUCKS!!!! (This comment
intended for those who use trucks for non-trucking
activities. Most truck owners, in other words)

"Rev. Lowe Barry, a community activist. 'Gas is nearly $2 a
gallon...'" (Previously, the article mentioned gas prices
averate at $1.46 /gal)

Mr. Sumber did mention that "You need to drive here. What
can you do?" This is the real problem, one the article
seemed not to find: lack of cost effective public
transportation, brought about by long-term low gasoline

Argh. As gas prices go up, public transportation becomes
more economical and better, ala Boston, Paris, etc. Then
affacionados like ourselves could _drive_ our cars, instead
of only commuting, albeit less frequently, on roads less
congested by commuter traffic, and have more fun. Oh, and
cars become more fun. No more of this
put-it-in-drive-and-go-with-ten-cupholders type of cars.

Rant off.

86 5ks, 25-30 mpg. Not a commuter (Our bus system at U of M
is free and frequent. Great use of taxes, I mean tuition