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RE: Dave Hord is OK by me, so I'll cut him some slack . . .

Totally in love......

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Here here.  I have had limited dealings with Dave, but I have no reason to
think that he is trying to "hurt" anyone.  Being a full time student can
take WAY TO MUCH out of a person.  Being a full time lister like some of
here ( Phil Payne :) ) can be even more time consuming.  I believe Dave will
do what he said, he is just managing his priorities.


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>From: Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com>
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>Subject: Dave Hord is OK by me, so I'll cut him some slack . . .
>Date: Fri, Apr 02, 1999, 09:03

>Before we jump on Dave Hord for not instantaneously conjuring these CDs,
>lo, even before the "send" button on the e-mail is pressed, let me relate
>my experience in purchasing something from him.
>He had a tow hitch for a 5K, and I wanted it. We agreed on a price, and I
>sent him a USD check (remember, he's in Canada), which he deposited in a
>relative's account (his father, I think), and then he sent the hitch.
>Or at least that's what I *thought* had happened.
>Turns out, his company does business with a company right here in town
>(Ormond Beach, FL), and sends a truck from Canada to Ormond Beach a couple
>of times a week. He put the hitch onto the truck BEFORE the check even
>arrived (let alone cleared), and the instant the check arrived, he e-mailed
>me and said "Take a ride over to (company) and pick up your hitch - it's
>there." My reply was "How did you send this, on the (****ing) Concorde?"
>Anyway, I went over to (company), about three miles from my office, and
>picked up my hitch. Also renewed acquaintances with a young lady there I've
>known for some years - turns out she's been working there for eight months
>now and still has no idea what they make . . . nor is she particularly
>interested in finding out!
>Dave Hord is OK in my book. He's promised me three copies of the CD, and
>I'm sure he WILL do them and WILL send them, and I'm willing to wait for
>Best Regards,
>Mike Arman