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Re: Electrical Problems

Someday I mean to get around to actually posting my solutions to the 90q
problems (feb.). My electrical problem (no radio, no interior lights, no
trunk lights, no hood lights, trip computer dead, no clock)  Fuse kept
blowing. Turns out that the Cigarette lighter was shorting out.

My father tells me that these commonly short out over time...start there(?).


>My 88 80Q seems to have a string of electrical problems. The
>passenger side window switch does not seem to work. It
>worked once but it could only open the window and then its
>stopped again. My inside, hood and trunk lights (not sure if there is
>one) do not work. I have tested the bulbs and they seem to be
>in perfect working order. I checked under the steering column
>for any disconnected wires and there were only one ended
>connectors but no matching parts in the following colors, green,
>white and one other color that I can't remember....in total three.
>Other light not working include the one in the cigarette lighter/
>ash tray. The sunroof switch misbehaves at times and will
>occassion refuse to work at all especially when I need to close
>the sunroof. Any ideas as to how  I might tackle these problems
>will be very much appreciated. Thank you.
>Mike Theuri

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