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Re: S4 buying gotchas

At 8:48 AM +0000 4/4/99, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <v04204c01b32c99a336d3@[]> Brett Dikeman writes:

Hmm.  Time to set up the local domain.  Weird that your mailer dug 
out my Mac's IP number.  That just won't do.

> > I was under the impression that the S2 was a Ur-Q style(ie, the old
> > coupe body) car.
>No, it's a jellymould.  Jellomold?

Ie, copy?  You're saying "no", then, it seems, "yes"....I'm just 
really confused now.

>  What do Yanks call these things?

Beats the hell out of me.  you're the ones who call flashlights 
"torches".  Makes me wonder how many people have had unfortunate 
flaming deaths because of that :)

>Anyway - contrary to first impressions, it _is_ in ETKA.  It's treated
>as an engine variant of the Coupe quattro.

ETKA?  Haven't seen that one before.

So if it's an engine variant of the coupe quattro, I was right?  So 
cryptic, Phil!


Brett Dikeman
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