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Re: Wheel Lock Recommendation?

FYI for fellow listers.

-Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 TQW

>Ray Tomlinson said:

>I use MacGuard.  They're fine, just make sure you use plenty of never-seize,
>otherwise, you'll be in trouble (BTDT).  Never had anyone even attempt to
>steal my wheels, and this is my third set of MacGuards.  They have improved
>their lock design recently, and I bought a new set last year.  I may opt for
>some of the Euro-locks if it find them reasonable, just because you can get
>them in red...I've had to request replacement keys from MacGuard, as the
>key's were softer than the lock, and often rounded the teeth, but my current
>set seem fine.  I would bet that the MacGuard are the most reliable, in
>terms of anti-theft, IMHO.  The Euro-locks are only a plastic cap, correct?
>The other benefit is that the MacGuard's weigh the same as the regular lugs,
>so no balance issues.
>Let me know which you decide to use!
>>Peter Schulz wrote:
>> What type of wheel locks are you using?
>> -Peter