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RE: Wheel Lock Recommendation?


I have Borbet wheels on my car, which have a "sunken" area for the wheel
bolts, like the BBS wheels. For this type of wheel, I like to use the
"Eurolocks" that can be obtained from Ron's Parts in CN (they advertise in
European car).

Eurolocks are simply a cylindrical "cover" for the factory wheel bolt. It's
released by a key from the end. Once it's removed you can use regular tools
on the wheel bolt.

However, once it's attached to the wheel bolt, its outer cover spins,
therefore there's no way to grab and rotate the factory wheel bolt. Granted,
you can probably spend some time and use a screwdriver or whatever to break
these covers off, but by that time you've marked up the wheels badly, and
have taken enough time to make anyone paranoid move on.

Note that these work best on wheels where you cannot get a set of pliers
around the outside of them.

Since they've been installed on the BBS wheels on my GTi and the Borbets on
my Audi, I've never had any loss of wheels (and I park in some pretty bad
places which formerly resulted in "wheel liberation." Of course, since I've
installed them I've never been attacked by a pride of lions, so your mileage
may vary...


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> Subject: Wheel Lock Recommendation?
> Does anyone have wheel lock recommendations?
> I just purchased a new set of wheels and tires and would
> like to ensure that that they *stay* on the CQ, unless
> I want to remove them.
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