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Re: rear wing and wheel suggestions - '93 90s

As far as the wheels go I have just spend a bunch of time looking for
wheels for my 94 90sq.  Just finished ordering TSW Hockenheim R, 16x7.5
wheels and plan to put on 205/55R16 Yoko A520's.  Unfortunately haven't
got them yet, so cant give official BTDT recommendation.  (OE on my car
was 205/60R15)

I did start a couple of threads on this subject during the week or two
of March, so you may want to look at the daily archives on the quattro
list web site for some of 'detail'.

The long and the short of it is that the bolt pattern is 'rare'
(4x108mm) and that will limit wheel choices, however TSW, Ronal and
Borbet (and some others) have some nice wheels to choose from.  Going to
the Tire Rack's web site where you can 'try on' some wheels for your car
was helpful.  Discount tire is less helpful as they don't have a pic of
the '90'.  I found that E-Mailing the wheel companies looking for
information was pointless, likely need to call them (or find a shop
locally who has access) to get actual fitments for your car.
Consensus on tire width seemed to be that 205 is about as wide as you
want to go, however if you can put up with the cost/rareness, 215's will
fit.  Somewhere in the archives you will find a link for a wheel
diameter calculator which you can download...it comes in real handy.

Can't help with the rear spoiler...mine came with one as OE.

94 90Sq

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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 14:57:41 -0400
From: kolson@statestreet.com
Subject: rear wing and wheel suggestions - '93 90s

 I have a newly purchased '93 90s (non-quattro) and I'm thinking of
doing some modifications including adding a mild rear wing/spoiler and 
upgraded wheels (nothing outlandish) and I'm hoping some of you have
BTDT. I'd like to get a body color spoiler. Car is "metallic amethyst".
Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
Keith Olson
     I'm new to the list, so here's some background material.
     93 90s      
     91 100cs          
     74 Triumph Spitfire  
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