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Re: rear wing and wheel suggestions - '93 90s

Ryan and Marjorie Fischer wrote:

> The long and the short of it is that the bolt pattern is 'rare'
> (4x108mm) and that will limit wheel choices, however TSW, Ronal and
> Borbet (and some others) have some nice wheels to choose from.  Going to
> the Tire Rack's web site where you can 'try on' some wheels for your car
> was helpful.

Sears has some "inexpensive" wheels that will fit 4x108.

I stopped at Sears to enquire on some decent wheels like we put on my
fiancee's Mazda Protege, they were some "Z Racing" wheels with a 5 spoke
design. I liked the way they looked on her car and was wondering if they
had some that would fit my car. They didn't have the right bolt pattern
listed in their books, but they called the manufacturer and they could get
the 4X108 bolt pattern. Thing is, I'm not sure if I want to spend money for
different rims or not.

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