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RE: S4

Dave Eaton decided to speak these words:

>yes, but my point is that the (reputed) increase in stroke and cr will
>*increase* the low-down torque of the motor, which isn't too shabby in the
>1st place....

Oh, i know this.  But while it may help initial torque, it limits the 
potential of the engine to produce massive amounts of power without MAJOR 

Basically, i dont like the theory of small bore long stroke engines.  It 
puts alot of stress on the lower end, and limits redline and power 

For example, audi engines have what, 86mm strokes lets say, thats about 3 
inches or so.  An F1 or Porsche boxer engine has a stroke of maybe 1.5-2 
inches...sometimes less...

that is the way to go...large bore, short stroke....interesting way for 
audi to go...but i guess they really arent a performance car 


Michael Sheridan Williams
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