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Re: S4

In a message dated 4/8/99 9:14:42 PM Central Daylight Time, 
urquattro@surfree.com writes:

<< Oh, I know this.  But while it may help initial torque, it limits the 
 potential of the engine to produce massive amounts of power without MAJOR 
 Basically, I don't like the theory of small bore long stroke engines.  It 
 puts a lot of stress on the lower end, and limits redline and power 
 For example, Audi engines have what, 86 mm strokes lets say, that's about 3 
 inches or so.  An F 1 or Porsche boxer engine has a stroke of maybe 1.5-2 
 inches...sometimes less...
 that is the way to go...large bore, short stroke....interesting way for 
 Audi to go...but i guess they really aren't a performance car 
 company.....hmm >>

Audi makes commuter cars, that is cars for every day driving, and the 
occasional weekend driving event.  That means one thing TORQUE.  With torque 
you can always get horsepower and using the proper gearing the sky is the 
limit.  Look at some of the modern turbo Diesel Trucks torque in the figure 
of 1,200 to 2,000 ft lb. of torque.  Some of the European racing trucks will 
top out way above 150 MPH, it's torque that glues your back to the seat not