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Vote YES or NO to SPAM!

Dear Friend:

Thank you for joining our opt-in list to receive this survey.  This is not a 
SPAM. If you prefer to be excluded from our surveys, feel that this email has 
reached you in error, or if someone submitted your email address to us by 
mistake, please reply and type "exclude" in the subject header.  You will 
immediately be excluded from participation on all of our future surveys.

The hottest issue on the Internet today is unsolicited email, also referred 
to as SPAM. 

Some people believe that stopping SPAM would be an infringement on one's 
right to free speech, as well as freedom of the press.  The guarantee of 
these rights outweighs the elimination of SPAM they receive in their email.

People on the other side of the issue say that unsolicited email is an 
invasion of privacy and a nuisance.  They also believe that SPAM should be 
illegal, as technically, they are paying the cost to receive it (via hourly 
ISP charges and increasing monthly charges) every time they log into their 

Which side are you on?

Most of you are aware of the battle in the US Courts involving the legality 
of this issue.  It is our intention for this survey to have an impact on the 
outcome of those decisions.  The results of this survey will be published in 
national publications, submitted to the major commercial servers like AOL and 
CompuServe, submitted to television media for broadcasting, and submitted 
directly to legislators in Washington, DC.

By taking part in this national survey, you will be helping to decide what 
outcome the law will have on this issue and help to offset the cost of 
publishing these results.  Let your opinion be known!

To participate, call:

1-900-737-0034 to vote "Yes" to SPAM, and
1-900-737-0035 to vote "No" to SPAM.

You will be charged $1.99 for your call (which will help offset the cost of 
publishing the results) and you must be at least 18 years old to participate. 


Survey brought to you by the Internet Polling Committee, Miami, Florida