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Re: ur-q fog lights / good? Bad? OK?

>I have the or Will have the Euro Bumper cover but I'm willing to
>bet that for less money than the ur-q fogs I can get something 
better. The >hard part is finding a set that will fit and look good 
in there.  Any>ideas?

Always a good idea to save $'s on an Audi project wherever possible.  
The problem with the euro bumper is 2 fold.  It is slightly convex?, 
ie. is does not sit perfectly straight across the front of the car.  
It bows backwards slightly from the middle.  This is easy to over 
come with after market lights.  The bigger trick is that the fog 
housings and lamps are not square front to back.  The are shaped like 
a pie wedge to offset the curve of the bumper cover.  While an after 
market would fit fine on the deep side of the cutout, it will stick 
outside the shallow end.  Not knowing where US spec supports line up 
on the euro cover, you may be able to just cut out a more useable 
space in the cover.  With the supports on my euro car directly in the 
way, this was not an option.  The masses across the pond may have 
more BTDT's for aftermarket swaps in stock locations.  While I did 
find the stock units of value, after adding 85W bulbs, I also ran 
after markets through the chin spoiler.

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