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Re: ur-q fog lights / good? Bad? OK?

Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu> wrote:

>	Just wondering.  I'm buying this Euro Bumper for my new ur-q but I
>have some fog light questions.  Sure, I can buy some Euro Fogs to go with
>it.  BUT, is there anything else that fits in there that looks good that
>is either
>	1) As good but cheaper or more readily available

Dunno, but you could try to get the dimensions and measure all cars you
find standing around. I'd been doing that before on the quest for something
to fit the turn signal holes in a 200 20v's front bumper. Got me some
strange stares.

>	2) Maybe just as much but better or more readily available.
>Of course it must fit in there well enough to look good.  But, I figure
>there must be something out there that would work.
>	Also, whats the going rate in USD or GBP for Euro Fogs.  Are these
>the same fogs the Euro 80's had or are they a different unit?

The 80s and 90s had different units. I don't think these were used in any
other Audi (true to form!).

I've been quoted $250 for turn sigs and fogs for an UrQ.