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Re: Issues rough idle, plus on 93 100csq Avant

Fred Munro wrote:

> Hi Kenneth;
>    What year and model Audi do you have?

Uh, it says in the subject. :-)

>  No stock Audi engine in good condition and tune should
> shimmy like a 3/4 cam 327!

Think again, my 12valveV6 tends to shake a bit during idle. Bugged me from the
start. I'm hoping the so-far non existant fuel injector recall will have some
positive effect on said "rough" idle. Oh and I did check my plug wires last
summer, they were all within 500 ohms of each other, spark plugs were new last
summer too(OEM Bosch tri-electrode).

>     Pull the codes to check for the cause of the "check engine" light. You
> may have other problems besides a loose gas cap - this may shed some light
> on your rough idle problem.

Yes, definitely pull codes!

>   It had a rough idle
> > from the beginning.
> > I asked the dealer to explore and they said it is normal.

Just a note, my 90S now has over 100K miles and is still pulling strong, rough
idle and all, the only times my check engine light came on was just prior to a
temp sender failure and when I had low coolant (long story, happy ending). BTW,
my water pump locked at approx 80K, but I caught it before the timing belt

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