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removing a 5k windshield...help!

hi..  upon cleaning all the schmutz (caulk) off the perimiter of the 
windshield on my '86 5k TQ, i realized what the schmutz was covering... rust. 
 :<(   so now i have to pull the windshield.  Apparently when Mr. Rube 
Goldberg (the DPO) did his bang-up  job of windshield replacement, he cut all 
thru the paint with a mat knife when he was removing the old windshield, and 
didnt bother to touch up the gouges in the paint, under the seal, so it 
rusted.   the rust is surface only, no holes.  
whats the best technique for pulling a 5k windshield? it has the stainless 
windshield surround trim..  what do the seals usually run, and who has the 
best prices?  i also want to eliminate the rust (once and for all) around the 
windshield, and re-spray the paint around the windshield before it gets 
re-installed (it's pearlescent white..what a joy to repaint :<( ...any ideas 
on that??  ive installed windshieds in Bugs and a Bus before (no sealer 
needed in them) , with the old 'grease a rope" method, but ive never 
installed a 5k windshield...any help or tips would be appreciated...

'86 5k TQ
'84 5k T