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Re: Wheel offsets

Peter wrote:
>> The Borbets that tire rack sent me where spec.'d at ET 35,
>> which is correct for the stock sedan fitment, but the CQ
>> stock fitment is ET37.

Then I wrote:
> This may be the source of your problems. Do you think that the 
> extra 2mm will be OK? If so, see if they have ET37.

Actually, the sedan has a stock 45mm offset. Assuming that your 
"ET 35" is a typo and you new wheels are actually ET 45, then 
you'd be gaining _8mm_ of clearance on the inside if you could 
get the wheels in ET 37.

If that's not a typo, and your wheels are in fact ET 35, then 
you've already got 2mm of extra clearance on the inside over the 
stock wheels, so going back to the stock offset would cause even 
more tie rod interference than you've already got.


Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN