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Re: Wheel offsets

Eric Renneisen wrote:
> Peter wrote:
> >> The Borbets that tire rack sent me where spec.'d at ET 35,
> >> which is correct for the stock sedan fitment, but the CQ
> >> stock fitment is ET37.
> Then I wrote:
> > This may be the source of your problems. Do you think that the
> > extra 2mm will be OK? If so, see if they have ET37.
> Actually, the sedan has a stock 45mm offset. Assuming that your
> "ET 35" is a typo and you new wheels are actually ET 45, then
> you'd be gaining _8mm_ of clearance on the inside if you could
> get the wheels in ET 37.
> If that's not a typo, and your wheels are in fact ET 35, then
> you've already got 2mm of extra clearance on the inside over the
> stock wheels, so going back to the stock offset would cause even
> more tie rod interference than you've already got.
> HTH,
> Eric Renneisen
> '90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
> Chattanooga, TN

Tire Rack says that the 16x7.5 Borbet Type T's and the 205/55/Z16 
Dunlop SP8ks are a "guaranteed" fit.

I still don't understand how other folks can stuff a 225/50/R16 on
a 16x7.5 rim and fit it on the CQ.

I am wondering if the Tire Rack Database "assumes" that the 
1990 90 Quattro sedan and the 1990 "90" Coupe Quattro have the same
stock offset.