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Re: CD Changer for 95 A6Q


the 411:  they're right - it's an Alpine unit but none of the consumer units
will work, needs to be the Audi OEM if you want it to plug in.  plus the factory
unit works with the dash display if you have trip computer.  BOSE doesn't
matter, takes the same CD player.  2 places that have some Audi factory units
for sale new at a more reasonable rate than the $800 or so dealer list:

Impex - http://www.zstarr.com/impex/SPE.htm
Blau - http://www.audiquattroparts.com/newly_available_items.htm

i bought one for my A4 from Impex, works great, _very_good_ price, no
association or affiliation, YMMV blah blah blah disclaimers....


"Levis-Fithian, Jeff E" wrote:

> I just purchased a used (obviously) 1995 A6Q with the Bose sound system and
> am interested in installing a CD changer.  A local stereo shop told me
> something along the lines of "It's an Audi proprietary standard" and that
> the only thing to do is to get a dealer to install one.  Are there any other
> options?  I do not want to use the RF FM-radio reception option.  If anybody
> could provide some input into my options it would be greatly appreciated.
> TIA!
> Jeff Levis-Fithian



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