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Re: Serious Data Omissions - AllData CD

Your experience sounds typical of AllData.  I recently tried to use their
latest upgrade disks on a FULL Alldata setup at a friends garage, and
they don't even list the DTC's anymore! (DTC=Diagnostic Trouble Code) The
latest CD's were unusable, spent an hour trying to look up some problems
on a GMC pickup, nothing but a waste of time.

I asked my friend who subscribes to AllData about what junk it was, and
he said that they are making the CD version harder to use, and useless in
the hopes that the current owners will "upgrade" to the much better DVD
version.  Never mind that you still might owe a few grand on the
"obsolete" CD version.  

I've found AllData pretty useless except for basic information, such as
belt routing and DTC's and it's not even good for that when you consider
the time it takes to find anything usefull.  



On Mon, 12 Apr 1999 10:07:03 -0500 Jon Moritz
<jmoritz@mail.med.und.nodak.edu> writes:
>For those who have the Alldata CD....  this response pretty much 

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