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Injector Recall...Don't Wait For Notice!

Just an FYI - I had not received any notice yet on the injector recall...called
AoA....they told me new batch was going to be sent out soon but they couldn't
tell if my car was affected and to just be patient.....but I can't wait! (Like a
kid at Christmas! ;-)

So I called my local dealer....gave them my vin #.....they checked their
computer...and I was listed for the recall (coded as KS)!  Yeah!!  So my
appointment is for Friday....can't wait for my baby to get her new shooters!

Moral of story....DON'T WAIT FOR THE NOTICE (Unless you're more patient than me,
which most everyone :-)

-Bob Beach, San Jose Ca
1993 90CS....(In for bypass on Friday! :-)