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New to the list


i just purchased a 99 a4 1.8T quattro.. i love the car. before this i was
a hondahead, meaning i owned various hondas modified for point and shoot
performance.. turbo, nitrous, etc.. im totally new to this whole quattro
turbo thing, but so far im in total ecstacy. i have most of my
modifications lined up, but i do have a bunch of questions which im sure
the members on the list would be happy to help me with. if i do start
asking stupid and newbie questions, please forgive me. 

is there a faq for this list?

tomorrow im dropping off my car to get lowered. yesterday i slapped in a
turbo timer.. which i have questions about concerning compability with the
oe alarm.. i noticed it wont arm by me just locking it with the key. 

chips.. the debate on which chip is the best is probably a long and heated
debate, one that i am sure that i have already missed. could someone
please highlight me with the pros and cons of each chip? tap wett garrett,

ok enough rambling. 

99 a4 1.8tq