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Re: Yet another 'road rage' commentary

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Jason Palmer wrote:

]And cel phones. I hope they ban the use of these things while driving.
]Make the penalty a public stoning with cel phone battery packs.
]Last week- a lady yapping on a phone cut me off by a foot. No
]surprise, she had the rear view mirrors (ALL) out of whack, likely
]aligned to allow her to apply makeup or style her hair.

	i talk on the fone, sometimes, when in the car.  
	i am a good driver and have some rules for it, 
	though.  i won't talk in traffic, and i usually 
	pull over to talk when in sf, since there's just
	no safe way to do it.  i only talk to people in
	my fone's speed dialer - no looking up numbers.
	and i don't hesutate to drop and ignore the fone,
	mid sentence, if i even think that i'll need to 
	make some kind of maneuver, shift, etc.

	imo it's more about poor drivers multiplied by
	10 when they get on the fone, $0.02

 rocky mullin
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