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Re: The Buzzing Bees

Buzzzzz, that's the noise I hear every time i drive around with the stereo on a
low volume.   My 1988 Audi 80 has had a busy bee in the rear of the car for
atleast three years and no service place, nor any Audi dealer has made a ruckus
about the fuel pump dying.  Although I have heard the loud humming noise is a
sign of a sick fuel pump or a fuel filter that has a flipped sock in it??  got
me, (just a shade tree mechanic).  although during the winter months every Audi
in my family has a distinct humming noise, 200 20V Quattro, 5000s(the loudest),
100s, A4 1.8T q.  but i have numerous fuel system problems that have been
fixed, so the buzzing could be causing all these problems, but who nose?

Douglas Quebbeman wrote:

> Well, as if my ur-Q problems weren't enough...
> I've meant to ask about this sooner, but I've been listening to the buzzing
> bee in the back
> of my 86 5ktq for about a year now. I figure that probably puts me in
> double-overtime w/r/t
> the likelyhood of fuel pump failure, but I want to be sure...
> Are there two different pumps, one noisier than the other? Seems like I
> remember something
> like that, a Pierburg vs. Bosch comparison.
> I've heard other people describe the sound of the dying pump as an angry
> bee. This one
> does not sound angry, just "busy". But I'm assuming all I should hear from
> the pump is
> the smooth hiss of white noise.
> Assuming I do need to order a pump pronto, does anyone know whether TPC
> carries just
> one brand, or do I have a choice I have to make? If a choice, is there much
> difference in
> the prices? How about longevity?
> Lastly, should I try to have a nearly empty tank when I undertake the
> replacement? And
> are there any gotchas or BTDTs that aren't covered by Bentley?
> As always, Thanks in Advance...  -doug q

Alexander van Gerbig
The Audi 80 Pages